April 29, 2015

Apr 29

Yay, Poochie Time!

Besides the fact that I still think Brussels is a bit dangerous, when you’re wearing earrings and own an iPhone, it’s a pretty cool place to go for a walk.

“Laarbeekbos”, where dogs can run free and no man, or sheep, complains about it!

And he made a new friend: Barney! (Or how I like to call him: “The Dog with Endless Energy”.) He made Konan look like an old, out of shape dog… (I’ve never felt more connected with him…)

They just kept rolling and “fighting”, playing with kids (and scaring some of them), collecting every piece of wood within a 100 yard radius,…

Konan was one exhausted and happy dog! Thanks for that, Barney, nice to meet you!

Oh yeah, and nice to meet you too, Thomas… 😉


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