July 2, 1015

Jul 2 Jul 2'

Okay… Travel Dag: Take 2! Let’s try this again…

I got up way too early, which led to me staring at the announcement board, waiting for some “gate information”. It turned out to be Gate B44.

Minutes later, they had the guts to announce “a little delay because of the security check”… I thought there would be a riot! Luckily, there were no torches or pitchforks present…

The take-off was extremely bumpy, which got an applause anyway, because yeah… We were finally leaving London behind!

Two movies and a lot of dozing off later, I landed in San Francisco… Hallelujah!

My holiday could start… That is, if I survived the world’s longest waiting line. Thank God for the little lady who announced that second time ESTA users could follow the fast track! Which is me! Coming here in October paid off…

The rest of the day was getting to my motel as soon as possible (“Taxi!”) en sleeping off this jet lag..


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