July 7, 2015

July 7

Picked up my ride today. Meet Frosty! 😉 I will feel so “cool” driving that thing… (God, I’m lame… 😉 )

He did mess up my schedule, straight from the start… I was early (imagine that…), the car was returned late and apparently had some “issues”.. So, my guy Jimmy wanted to put me in an upgrade: a newer, bigger, better car! But… The boss said no… So I’m stuck with Frosty and his issues… 🙂

(I discovered one already: my music options.. No USB and he won’t play my CD’s! It’s like driving my Blueberry all over again… Headphones in and go!)

But the licence plate ends on “13”, so… Can’t be that bad, right?

Anyway.. I was never going to make it to San Luis Obispo today… And I actually didn’t have to, so new plan! I would just drive to Monterey, sleep there and go watch the whales in the morning.

So today, I only needed to drive away from the San Francisco area. With a heavy heart… Yes, I was excited for the adventure ahead, but right now… A bit sad to leave this place behind…

I made some stops along the way. Nothing spectacular yet, but I can already see why Highway 1 is called one of the most beautiful Highways of the US.

So now: get a grip and enjoy every second!



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