July 10, 2015

July 10'

A day at the beach…

The Santa Monica Pier… See a lifeguard in action… Going for a swim (and understanding why there are so many lifeguards on the beach! The waves are just insanely strong…) Tanning up… Going for a drink and ending up having a Gimlet (a Mojito kinda drink) and some oysters… Yeah, some badass LA decadence..

The amount of “pretty people” here is astonishing… The girls are rollerblading in bikini (talk about confidence…), the jocks are working out… I can’t stay long here or I’ll start feeling insecure… 😉

July 10

I also had to get to Venice Beach and take a stroll along the little shops, the psychic readers, the henna stands, the tattoo and piercing shops and of course: a freak show… Didn’t have to pay 5 dollars to see freaky things, though… Freaks were all around, acting silly… Like this one guy, who figured out “how to make a dollar on a lazy dog – the American Dream”… Genius…

But there were a lot of cool artists too, doing there thing: dancing, singing, making sand sculptures, painting,…

Awesome 🙂

On the way back, Michael showed me how easy it is to get a joint around here, completely legal, in any pharmacy! That is just crazy…

We ended the day ordering a giant pizza and watching a movie… (Again.. I can just feel myself getting bigger… Crap…)


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