July 11, 2015

Jul 11''Jul 11'

I had my morning ritual (read: Starbucks) surrounded by the stars… I was sitting next to the wax version of them, at Madame Tussaud, on the Walk of Fame.

(Yes, I did try to make a “Playboy Bunny Shadow Picture”, with sir Hugh M. Hefner…)

And I couldn’t drive away from LA without seeing the Hollywood sign… Check!

Driving away was easier said than done: LA traffic is brutal! But after 1,5 hour, the scenery started to change… Goodbye “Overcrowded Palm tree Madness”, hello “Deserted Desert Land”

Jul 11   Jul 11'''

At Topock, I decided to leave the Highway and take the Historic Route 66 to Kingman, my destination of the day. After a short drive, I had to stop and enjoy the sunset, coloring everything pink…

The views are just amazing… Too bad it gets pitch black at 8:30pm already! And of course, the road got extremely curvy… I agree, you must take Route 66, but I wouldn’t recommend it in the dark… Speed limit 25 mph, animals crossing the road and even getting closer to the car, instead of running away (silly donkeys..)…

Yup, it was a challenge 🙂

Tomorrow, Route 66, Part 2 (in daylight)!


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