July 13, 2015

Jul 13

After all these days of cruising, a.k.a. not moving at all, it was time to get back in action. And what better way to do that, than some hiking in the Grand Canyon.

Now… ANY hike would have caused a complete shock to my system… The Bright Angel Trail: maybe a bit too ambitious… It was a walk of 6 miles and 3800 feet down to Plateau Point… And then back up again…

At first, I did not know how far down I would go… My rule was: As long as I encounter unfit or unequipped people (wearing jeans and sneakers or something), little children or oldies… I must keep going! Then I decided I just had to see the river…

Now… The walking down bit was a breeze! (Although the last 1,5 mile got extremely hot, because of a “No Shade At All Zone”, and of course: it was 12 pm by then…)

The heath was worth it, though… At Plateau Point, I got as close to the Colorado River as possible (for a 1 day trip) and the views were amazing!

But… It started to sink in, as I slowly turned around… I needed to go back up now…

Yes, it was very hot… Thank God for the clouds now and then… The burning sun, right above me, was killing me…

Yes, I thought I was going to die, or just roll back down the hill, a couple of times… That’s why I always got excited when I saw a squirrel! Squirrels mean “Rest Area”. They were a real plague, watching you eat, thinking “Drop something.. Drop something  now!” or even attacking your backpack! The little cute bastards…


Close to the end, I even started to see a definition of leg muscle again! Or that could have been a tiny hallucination, who knows.. But it was definitely “Leg Day” today!

I knew I was almost there, when the trail got more crowded again. Especially when I saw the “Unfit or Unequipped” group of people, I knew I made it!

I left at 9 am and got back at 4:30 pm… I think I deserve a long, relaxing bath now! (Instead, I had a 2 dollar, 8 minutes shower…)

It was a bit of a rush to get to a great view point, to watch another sunset… Now I’ll just go sleep early. I want to get up at 5 am, to see the sunrise too…


Jul 13''


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