July 14, 2015

I couldn’t leave the Grand Canyon without enjoying that view one last time. So on my way out, taking the Desert View Road, I made a stop at Yaki Point and, of course, Desert View.

It’s always a spectacular sight, especially when the canyon is bathing in sunlight, but a storm is rolling in…

The only other “Must do” on the program today, was driving to the Colorado River Discovery Center, in Glen Canyon. I had to book my “smooth rafting” trip for tomorrow.

The drive there was, as usual, gorgeous… (God, I’m going to loathe the roads in Belgium..) I made stops here and there, walking to some view points along the way. I say “walking”… It was more a kind of “wobbling” actually… My God, I am so sore!

My choice of camping spot wasn’t too shabby either: Lone Rock Beach, at Lake Powell. I headed straight for “the beach”, with my little red chair and my diary. Reflection time, while waiting for the sunset. (Can’t get enough of those..)

The sky resembled the one of this morning. At my right, it was dark, at my left, it was bright and sunny. So I could snap, yet another, sunset photo! 🙂

(The dark side won, though… All hell broke loose at night… Big storm!)

Jul 14'


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