July 26, 2015

Jul 26'

My morning exercise: riding a horse! It’s my last day here and I couldn’t leave this ranch without sitting on a horse, now could I?

Luckily, the horse, Jen, was the sweetest thing and not too big, because I’m not very good at it… šŸ™‚

“Ride it, my pony…” šŸ˜‰

Instead of visiting Sequoia National Park, we preferred some time at the beach. And that idea would already get me closer to my destination for tonight: San Francisco!

The weather was beautiful, but very windy… So, there wasn’t a lot of tanning going on, because I got covered in sand constantly. I had a good scrub, though… šŸ™‚

Jul 26

As always, getting to San Francisco wasn’t easy. But I had the sunset to look at during the traffic jam…

When I finally arrived, Shoshi wasn’t home. She texted me that she was “getting drunk at the restaurant”, down the street; šŸ™‚ I joined her and her friend Nate, who immediately started feeding me the leftovers and ordering drinks, so I could “catch up”… (Well, that was a mission impossible, especially because they kept drinking as well…)

A visit to “The Corner” bar, some late night sushi and a lousy pool game later, we went back to Shoshi’s apartment. And after a chat in the kitchen šŸ˜‰ , it was time to call it a night…

I love you, San Fran!


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