August 3, 2015

Aug 3

Wait a minute… The jetlag is getting worst! When I got home after my time with Klaartje (around 3am), I made myself a snack. The only thing I had in the house: some dry pasta… And then I stayed up until 7am! This is no good… I need to snap out of this “But I still want to be a California girl!” thing!

I did find a more enjoyable place to nap during the day. First: Lotte’s trampoline. Then: the pool of Lotte’s neighbors. Beautiful garden, with its main attraction: the deadride in the pool! Awesome!

One thing’s for sure: it woke me up!

Luckily, because we had our first volleyball practice of the season tonight… Motivation was extremely low, so I used the word “Ugh…” a lot! It was still very hot and to make matters worst: I passed TWO ice cream trucks on my way to practice! That would be a much better way to spend the evening… But then again: they don’t sell Cherry Garcia here… (I miss you!!)

The first hour of practice was a serie of power/cardio/speed exercises…

“Those who are about to die, salute you…”

Aug 3'

A lot of complaining later, I survived and it actually felt pretty good…

But I’m already dreading tomorrow morning… Pretty sure it won’t feel good anymore!


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