September 11, 2015

Sep 11

Aaaaaah, what to do on a Friday evening..?

How about going to Berlin for the weekend and have fun at Lollapalooza festival? 🙂

Lotte and I left in a rush, but because of the unexpected absent traffic, we got to the airport way to early. After checking in at an automatic machine, we had time for Starbucks (even in Belgium, they can’t get our names right) and for sniffing perfumes at Victoria’s Secret.

Funny moments:

  1. At security, I set off the alarm (somehow), which caused me to yell out a curse word, way too loud (no filter when I’m tired…), so the security guards were laughing at me, while checking me for drugs.
  2. We spotted a cute guy at our gate. Only I could see him from my seat. I told Lotte I would switch, so she could stare at him, if she could pronounce “position switch” correctly. I gave in eventually, even though that turned out to be a mission impossible… 🙂
  3. We managed to sit in the same row, but not next to each other. So we asked the Australian guys next to us if we could have their spots. They declined (because of their height, they obviously preferred their seat next to the aisle… Tsss, Aussie bastards… 😉 ), which made us threaten to act annoying the whole flight. Instead, we had a very nice talk and a promise to meet up at the festival!

After a bit of “German Public Transportation Chaos”, we arrived at our host Laura, who gave us the keys and the apartment to ourselves for the whole weekend.

This is going to be fun…

P.S.: Happy birthday, my baby boy Konan! I’m sorry I can’t give you your 4 kisses and 4 hugs in person… ❤


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