September 12, 2015

Sep 12 Sep 12'

Berlin, day 1: Tourist Day!

We signed up for “The Free Historic Walking Tour” with Lizzy, who must be the World’s Smallest Guide, nickname: The Hobbit! We thought it would be challenging to keep track of her, in the busy streets of Berlin, but that turned out to be not a problem at all… We just needed to follow the sound of her voice, because, as an American, she was LOUD. 😀

Lizzy talked about three periods: the Prussian Period, the Nazi Period and the “Cold War” Period.

Facts and images that linger:

  1. The Holocaust Monument is beautiful. I definitely want to come back and visit the concentration camps… I can’t imagine what impact that would make…
  2. We visited a parking lot. A plain, standard parking lot. It turned out to be the exact spot where Hitler committed suicide in his bunker. I love the fact that there was nothing there…
  3. Berlin Wall… Incomprehensible..
  4. Identical Churches at Gendarmenplatze, although the German one was a tiny bit bigger than the French one, of course…
  5. Humboldt University, where Einstein used to teach… At the place where the big “Nazi Book Burning” was held…

Next activity: Berlin workout!

After a drink like that, we needed some food. The restaurant my brother recommended was impossible to find, apparently… But we ended up with some pretty good sushi!

We doubted for a second to go out and enjoy the clubs, but… We decided to save our insane dance moves for the festival tomorrow!

So excited!


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