October 7, 2015

Oct 7

Quick trip to Gent, running some errands…

Even though it was grey and wet, I love walking around in this city. There is always something to see. Like this poor guy, challenged by his mates, to do push ups in the street. 🙂

I hurried back, to squeeze in a much needed nap before practice… (Yes, I know I take a lot of naps and talk about them… They are my highlight of the day…)

But look at that: it’s only 00:30 and I’m planning to sleep straight after I post this!

Although, I better wait for my laundry to finish… And have a talk with my favorite person… And send some silly snapchats with special effects… Oh and meditate!

But straight after that, I promise!

(Hopeless… 🙂 )


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