December 18, 2015

Dec 18

LAST DAY AT SCHOOL! “Yay!” and “Ooooooooh… 😦 ” at the same time…

After a (literally) breathtaking group hug in the classroom, the colleagues sent me off with a little “Goodbye Reception”… And a big personal donation to Triple Heart…

Bless you all…

I even got emotional… I do blame it on all the chaos and stress of the last week and the 2 hours of sleep last night (in a onesie)… But also because I really enjoyed working at the school… And I’ll miss it…

Thank you so much, everybody, for putting up with my lame jokes, loud voice, foreign dialect and nonchalance…

See you all in June!

P.S.: I hope you’ll enjoy the Minute Soups. 😉


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