December 23, 2015

Dec 23'

Day of the Big Move! After today, I no longer have a roof over my head…

After a short night, I had to wake up early and drive home to my parents. I needed to visit City Hall there, in an attempt to change my home address. If I didn’t succeed (because this process normally takes more than a week and I don’t have that), I would be considered a homeless person without any rights when I come back…

But… My procrastination paid off: everything was taken care off in less than an hour! 🙂

So we hopped into the moving van and drove back to my place.

As a punishment for not being ready with packing and the disgusting state of the kitchen, my mom made me clean all the windows. Of course I dragged Lotte into my misery! 🙂

Many hours later, everything was empty and cleaner than ever. (Or should I say: clean for the first time that year..)

I only lived here for a little more than a year, but still… I’ll miss it… Good times!

Dec 23


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