December 25, 2015

Dec 25''

Christmas Day! But… A little different than usual…

Today’s goodbye was to my parents. They were leaving on a winter escape to Spain. I dropped them off at the airport and managed to convince them to take the first selfie ever with me! It’s a miracle!

Thanks, mom and dad, for all the help and for letting me stay at the house, with my ball of fur Konan… ❤

Don’t worry, I didn’t spend this Christmas sad and alone, crying myself to sleep… I had Konan of course, but also my girl Lotte by my side! 🙂

We enjoyed a precooked  Christmas dinner together and a walk with Konan in the forest nearby. Lovely…

And at Christmas, we open presents! I got Lotte a collection of things: a snuggly blanket (to chill outside and look at the stars), a box of alcohol (for when the pain of missing me is too strong.. No, just kidding 🙂 To enjoy with your friends!), my soft house slippers (the “sloefjes”, to slide and dance with) and a card (where I tried to express how much she means to me… Which was impossible, because of the limited writing space…).

Dec 25'

Lotte’s grandparents came to pick her up, for her family Christmas dinner (probably similar to the one we already had…)

Time for me to nap a little with the poochie, stare at him (because he’s so damn adorable) and watch the Lion King… Until Lotte came back to spend the night, on the floor, with Konan at our feet…

Perfection… I love Christmas…

Dec 25


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