December 26, 2015

Dec 26''


But also: DAY OF CHALLENGES! It was time to go for “The polar plunge challenge” (a cold dive in the Belgian sea) and “The cocktail challenge” (extreme ad fundum drinking).

But first: all the focus on Konan. All I wanted was to be able to sleep with him by my side and to take him to the sea, for a long walk. Seeing him running across the beach, up and down the dunes… He looks so happy then and that makes me smile…

And thank you, God, for this gorgeous weather! Sunny, not to cold.. Perfect! Knowing that Lotte and I would be running around in our bikini later…

Like I said, first things first… Poochie fotoshoot! Love this one…:

Dec 26'''Dec 26''''

Lotte and I also enjoyed ourselves, testing out the different functions of my GoPro. We almost broke our ankles, but the “jumping off the dune” pictures were pretty cool. 🙂

Then… It was time… To take off our warm winter clothes, putting on our Christmas hat and walking towards the sea, wearing nothing but a bikini and a ridiculous Christmas boxer for men… Enjoy 🙂

(My apologies for the finger in front of the lens and the shaking… It was cold AND I was running most of the time!)

Dec 26

After saying goodbye to Konan (this hasn’t sunk in yet..) and dropping off my car at home, I finally arrived at Lotte’s house. We still had one more challenge to do: drink a half liter cocktail under a minute.

Cocktail choice: Vodka – Passoa – Orange Juice in my Jabbawockeez cup (which was more than a half liter, probably even a full liter…)

Because of the size of the cocktail and the numerous laughing breaks, it took me 1 minute and 27 seconds to finish it. How I even managed that… I don’t know…

Let me just say: Don’t try this at home, kids… It’s not healthy!

(Don’t worry, there was no risk of alcohol poisoning, because the alcohol didn’t remain in my system for long… If you know what I mean… After sitting up just for a second, I had, what we call, a “rainbow sneeze” moment… Gesundheit!)

(And don’t worry, that last part isn’t included in the video… Enjoy!)


Honestly… I couldn’t have wished for a better last day… The last couple of days have been amazing, but this one had it all… A sunny winter day at the beach, challenge adventures, my dog Konan and my best friend Lotte… Everything I love…

I can’t believe I will have to say goodbye tomorrow… That won’t be easy… I could feel it already, when Lotte gave me her present: a memory stick, filled with music and letters… So glad I get to take a piece of her with me on my adventure abroad…

I’ll miss you, girl! Thank you for today… Best day ever!


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