December 27, 2015

Dec 27

“Leaving… on a jet plane… Don’t know when I’ll be back again…”

Well, I do know when I’ll be back, but anyway… I’m out of here! Not sure how I’m feeling, actually… Happy, excited, hopeful, stressful and a bit sad… I arrived so early, sitting by myself at the gate (that wasn’t even showing my flight yet), I had time to let it all sink in… I could even talk to Lotte a bit more, when she got home after dropping me off, and read her first letter… She’s just a cutie… ❤

This was a long December 27 of course, because of the time difference… So tired after all the fun, but hectic days and the long flight… This was going to be one hell of a jet lag…

But there was a surprise waiting for me in New York Airport: Sean, with a big smile on his face, a rose in his hands and a Pandora bracelet present in his pocket…

The sweetheart… ❤

Dec 27'


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