February 1, 2016

Feb 1

My first day trip: Death Valley, where I took this appropriate picture “Dead in Death Valley”.

It was a last minute, unprepared trip, just the way I like it, with a fellow couchsurfer, Indre!

So this day pretty much had it all:

  • A new friend.
  • A badass car. (We reserved the smallest, cheapest one and they gave us a Jeep!)
  • Beautiful views.
  • Wildlife (some cute coyotes).

But of course… A trip with me can’t be perfect! 🙂 We had 3 things on our “want to see” – list. We could only check off 1… 🙂

  • We saw Badwater, the hottest place on earth, the lowest place in the US.
  • Then we missed an exit and ended up driving 30 miles in the wrong direction, missing “Ubehebe Crater”.
  • Because of that mistake, we had to race the sun, on our way to Dante’s View, the best viewpoint to see the sunset. We rushed for nothing: the road was closed… 😦

Instead of “errors”, let’s call them “reasons to come back”. 😉

Feb 1'


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