March 22 – 23, 2016

Mar 22-23

I said goodbye to Kayla at 8am (thank you again, woman, for letting me stay!) and arrived 2 hours later, after a small BART malfunction, at the airport.

I had two planes to catch today: an 11 hours one to Tokyo, where I had a 2 hours layover, and my second one, a 7 hours flight to Bangkok!

I was slightly nervous though… Not only for the “unknown” Asia volunteer adventure, but also for my safety. Hearing the news of the bomb attack on Brussels airport, when you’re about to spend a lot of time at airports… Not great… So glad I wasn’t flying home today… #prayforbelgium

Thanks to purchased WiFi, my flight to Tokyo passed by quickly. I still had 7 hours left to do the non – WiFi stuff on my way to Bangkok. But my writing and reading plan turned into watching a movie and dozing off for the rest of the time.

Either way: I arrived on my destination! After a clumsy immigration moment, being completely unprepared and all, I started my search for my contact person, who would be holding up a sign with my name on it!

I was so focused on that, that I went to collect my suitcase, rearranged my backpack on top of it and then left it behind… I left the airport without it… Meaning I kept Sara, my person, waiting, while I re-entered the airport with security… Oh boy…

After 27 hours, I finally crawled into my hotel bed at Bangkok… Trying to realized that I was in Asia now… And still a bit anxious to start discovering it in the morning!


Mar 22-23'


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