April 11 – 12, 2016

Third week! And it was a short one, with a small group: Anna, Melissa and me. Just two days of enjoying our elephant, the house, the family and the puppies…

On our way to the village, we made a quick stop in the city, to print out and frame a beautiful picture of our host family, as a thank you for their hospitality…

In the afternoon, we all went to the fields to cut bamboo and we all walked to the river, with Bank and Wandee. Instead of getting used to the heat, it seemed to get worse somehow… Luckily May saved us with some homemade Coca Cola slushies. Sugar and ice, that’s all it takes to bounce back!

Apr 11

Tuesday was our last day here! We would already drive back to the town after lunch… The family gave us the chance to have some final quality time with our elephants. Walking them, swimming with them and feeding them for the last time… And let’s not forget the puppies! May came up with another great idea (this girl is on fire….): to give the little ones a shower. Cuteness. Overload. Sunshine was loving it, Bonny didn’t mind it, but Daisy was not happy at all… *heart melting*

Last drive back was an epic one! In the back of the truck, as always, armed with a big barrel, filled with water. It wasn’t Thai New Year yet, but that didn’t stop people to celebrate it already. Which means: (cold) water fights all the way! And foam blessings! Funniest moment..? When Anna threw a bucket in the face of an unarmed guy, who came to bless us! Poor fellow… 😀 And poor Anna, she felt so bad…

P.S.: Ok people, you know the drill by now. Go and watch my YouTube video at https://www.youtube.com/user/ImkeEmmery


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