April 23, 2016

Apr 23

Weekend! Exploring! Time for some necessary shopping, like buying a saree! 🙂

I loved the little shops at Hawa Mahal… And I couldn’t resist some colorful sandals and a purple saree! Because they gave me a “great” deal: a small price (still way too much, I’m sure…) and a smile! Now, how can you resist that?! 🙂

My shopping spree didn’t last long though.. I had a weak moment, feeling ill, probably because of the heat… 😦

Luckily, it got better and I was able to join Sara and Pia on a night out! Our experience of Indian nightlife was:

  • First, it was dead silent… No music playing… But there were cocktails!
  • Then there was music, but no people… We were very alone at one point… But there were cocktails!
  • At last, there were people and Western, recent music with an Indian twist (read: ridiculous loud “raping the song” beat). One group of guys kept jumping around us, making us mimic their dance moves and, of course, taking pictures.

To avoid a headache from the music and temporarily blindness from the camera flashes, we walked back home… 🙂


Apr 23'


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