May 13 – 19, 2016

May 13 - 20

Turns out: my bowel system is not indestructible… I was just about to declare myself as “Imke, the World’s Best Traveler, with her Highly Adaptable Digestions System”!

Alas… It wasn’t meant to be…

Probably caused by a combination of eating food in this heat, dodgy water and questionable yogurt…

Friday and Saturday were the worst… Really, really bad… Like “Laying next to the toilet on the floor and crawling back on it when needed” bad…

I’ll spare you the details, but let me just share these “thoughts in the moment” with you, to give you an idea:

“Am I peeing or…?”

“Oh fun, I’m like a two – sided water cannon, spraying water in opposite directions…”


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