May 9 – 12, 2016

May 9-12

Project 3: Orphanage, with 28 girls and 1 boy. Oddly, most of these girls (and boy) have a family, but “Didi” (the sister who runs this place) took them in, so they would get an education.

My list of responsibilities here:

  • Give them the two A’s: Attention and Affection.
  • Play with them.
  • Teach them.
  • Help them with their summer homework.
  • Bring them safely to dance class.
  • Talk a lot of English with them. 🙂

So that is what I do… I spent the day with them and follow their routine. Two hours of work and play in the morning, lunch and rest time, two hours of homework in the afternoon and the walk to dance class.

I love reading “The Ugly Duckling” to the little ones. I love helping the older girls with their math. And this is actually pretty challenging! Reminds me how much I love match… I love teaching “General Knowledge”. I love sitting on the floor with them and sharing their food.

Yeah, I love it here… 🙂


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