July 11 – 15, 2016

July 11-15

Look at those cute little faces! So adorable! Toddlers aren’t normally my area of expertise, but I had a lot of fun on sport week with these sweeties.

Some downsides:

  • Arts and crafts with toddlers means doing 90% of the work yourself…and I suck at it!
  • Singing nursery rhymes all week. Can’t…get…them…out…of …my…head…
  • Dreading the moment when you hear them yell “I’m finished!” when they can’t go to the toilet alone yet…

But mostly fun moments, like:

  • Discovering a kid with the same rare name as you! The awesomeness lives on…
  • Being constantly prepared for “hug – attacks”…
  • Trying not to trip over a kid that’s been latched to your leg.
  • Failing at staying serious when a cute blonde boy rubs your belly, looks and points up to your boobs, giggles and says “Boobies…”

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