July 20 – 22, 2016

Amsterdam! Whoop whoop! I can’t believe I started to consider myself a “world traveler” and I haven’t even been to this great European city… Shame on me!

Of course I am taking my girl Lotte, giving her this trip as a birthday gift and a “I’m sorry I’ve been such a lousy friend for leaving you behind for 6 months” apology.

You would think, knowing this trip is a gift, that I prepared and planned some stuff… Nope, not my style! 🙂

But remember my “Last Minute Delhi Hostel Contacts”..? Oh yes… Mike saved me and pretty much hooked us up with some awesome activities.

July 20-22

I didn’t expect to be chilling with a beer on a beach and swimming, but hey… Apparently, everything is possible here. After freshening up at our Stayokay hostel and a ridiculously delicious burger at Pompstation, we took our bright orange bikes and drove to our evening activity: Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain… I forgot how much I love this movie!

Mike and his friend Niek were saving us seats (such gentlemen…), because, yeah, we were fashionably late… (I blame the bikes. Yes, they had different gears, but they didn’t like us very much…)

As you can see, the surroundings were as dreamy as the movie. Being outside, in front of this giant screen, feet in the sand, little lights, close to the water, awesome film music, many “awwww” moments,… Amazing… It did get a little chilly at one point. The guys were cuddling under their towel blanket, while we were freezing… (Gentlemen off… I can’t believe we made an effort to dress up and show some skin for them! Haha 😀 )

No, just kidding.. After huddling up, we all shared the improvised blanket, adding to the cuteness of this movie moment. 🙂

The night was still young and Mike wanted to prove that they also make good beers in The Netherlands (oh my.. So clueless… 😉 ) So we went to a brewery nearby, where we were suddenly part of a Bingo night! Hilarious… After the last price got handed out, the pub pretty much shut down. Next bar, please! And a new Dutch term: kopstootje, the order for a shot and a beer…

Yeah… You already feel where this is going, don’t you… The next picture illustrates the mood perfectly… Laughing… Being a bit blurry…

July 20-22''

But hey, I am not peeing for real! Mike spilled my beer (on the floor and on my sweater…) and Erwin pointed out the possible “funny picture potential”. Too bad none of us were capable of posing or taking this picture properly, but I think it’s brilliant anyway! 😀

(By the way: I ended up losing that sweater! Snif… Who steals a basic sweater drenched in beer?!)

Before calling it a night, we ended up sitting in a random boat, taking the world’s greatest selfies and reenacting some Amélie Poulain scenes… Little moments like this make me fall in love with a city!

July 20-22'

It took a lot of hesitation, a lot of back and forth, because none of us wanted this night to end, but eventually, we decided to be wise and get some sleep…

(The other people in our dorm must have hated us so bad… We weren’t really capable of whispering anymore…)

Day 2 started off extremely slow… We missed breakfast (duh…), but needed to get up early (read: 10 am) anyway because we had to switch rooms. After all that way too exhausting practical stuff, we headed out to find some food. Once we had breakfast/brunch/lunch in our system, we were ready to start our day…with snoozing some more at Amsterdam Roest, the sunny, beachy place we went to the day before. Best decision ever, though. Nothing wakes you up more than a cold dive into the water!

July 20-22'''

We eventually got to be a little bit touristic after all, driving around in the center of the city, enjoying the sites, a street dance performance that was exactly the same as the one I once saw in New York and some great Thai food. (I know… Very Dutch, right…)

We made it to the Red Light District, but… That’s pretty much it! At that point, I received an invitation from Mike, to hang out at a bar where his friend was playing music, so back to the party/drinking scene.

Lotte was in the mood to dance (“I need one dance…”) and the guys could get us on the guest list of Sugar Factory. Being in a dance club always starts with some people watching. (Unless it’s some badass RnB music, then I would be the one twerking very poorly on stage…) But after a couple of beers (AD’je!) and Mikes demonstration of a dance move called “the bunny” (or something..?), you get lost in the music anyway…

No more further details about that night… Let’s just say I will have to treat Lotte to another “sorry I’m such a lousy friend” trip in the near future… We kinda got separated for a while…

Moving on! *clears throat*

The next morning, we needed all our energy during breakfast to be able to focus on taking in our last beautiful moments in this city… We decided then and there that we were definitely coming back…

Epic times!


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