July 8, 2016

Before I explain this picture, I’d like to mention a special reunion first. I saw my elementary school BFF again, after 18 years! Sofie, it was so cool meeting up with you again, after all this time. And weirdly: not weird at all! Let’s do it again soon! πŸ™‚

July 8

And now this picture… Titled:

“That irritating moment when you no longer have a registered car, so you have to take the train to beachvolleyball practice and end up sitting next to these two Kardashian wannabees, complaining about how ugly and fat they are, but at the same time being completely obsessed with themselves, according to the number of selfies they took.”

I swear, there was a whole photo shoot going on, interrupted by naming the list of thing they wanted to change about themselves…

Meanwhile, I was sitting there looking boyish, with my hair in a bun, sweatpants on, legs open, thinking “For God’s sake, stop trying so hard, we are all gorgeous here!”



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