June 23 – 27, 2016

The Hostel Life…

I only now realized how much I missed it! Meeting people from all over the world. Communicating in fluent English. 🙂 Telling stories. Listening to stories. Sharing ideas. Feeling inspired. Feeling connected. Longing for more.

Because I stayed here for 4 nights, I got to meet a lot of people. Seeing them come and go.

June 23-27

I joined “New Travelers Friends – Group 1” (Stephen, who approached me first, Aladdin, Max, Tim, Reuben, Marta, Sophie and Sarah) to the Lotus Temple. Which must have been the most organized thing I’ve encountered in India so far. Waiting in neat lines, proper shoe drop off, little speech before entering in selected group… And it worked! There was a peaceful silence in the temple. It most definitely deserved its title as “Place of Prayer for All Religions”.

In the evening, the typical Indian chaos returned real quick! It took us about 1,5 hours to decide where to go. And another hour to actually get there… It was quite a drive from the hostel, but the fact that the driver was completely clueless about our destination didn’t help… Instead of the expected dance night out, it turned into a chill “having a beer and falling asleep in the cab on the way to the club, so going in home instead” kinda night.

(Wait a second… My timeline is completely messed up… Shit like that happens when you update your blog a month later, I guess…)

The next day everyone was getting ready to leave… 😦 When you think about it, it’s ridiculous how quickly you get attached to people and moments. Without wanting to sound too corny: I will miss you! Honestly!

That last day of just hanging out in the common room, playing the guitar and singing together (but mostly messing up Max’ song, ain’t that right, Tim?!), using Stephen’s ass as my GoPro stand to capture the moment, playing with Chewy, the Hostel dog, getting some beers (and facing the Delhi heat to do so)… I mean… Pretty perfect!

After the last goodbyes, Marta and I went up the roof terrace and that’s where I met “New Travelers Friends – Group 2” (Mackenzie, Martin, Rebekah, Sami, George, Harry and Simon). Better know as “Highly Rum Intoxicated Group of Friends” at that time… With Mackenzie in the spotlight (and no one was going to steal it from him 😉 ), the jam session continued. From Adele to made up lyrics to, what can only be called, a “Joking around and Making a Pretend Move” duet. Hilarious…

The next day, I focused on some reading, writing and planning “The Big Return Home”. In the evening, everyone joined me in the cosy sitting area. Not for me. For football on the television. 🙂 Short summary..? Football, beer, food, braiding hair, snapchat pictures, relationship advice and more football. Yup, that’s pretty much it…

June 23-27'

The group was suppose to get up early to catch the train to Agra, for a Taj Mahal visit, but that plan failed miserably… They ended up spending another day in Delhi, wondering around aimlessly and hungover, before moving onto their next destination. 🙂

So saying goodbye again! Rebekah and I were the last ones standing, immediately ordering comfort food. And even though all the guys left, we ended up watching football anyway. I kinda had to: Belgium was playing…

And then there it was: my last day… I was flying home in the evening… After 6 months… It was time, I was ready, but the last couple of days made it bittersweet. I lost the “traveling charm” a little bit along the way, but here in the hostel, it just hit me again, in full force!

Even during my very last hours I experienced some more hostel magic. Having a long talk about family drama with a girl that I don’t even know by name. Meeting two cool Dutch guys, Mike and Charles. Even though it was difficult to switch to Dutch all of the sudden (the struggle was real…), I managed to harass them about Amsterdam, where they live!

See, that’s the thing about travel friends… You only talk for 30 minutes, but still you can be pretty sure you will hear or even see them again!

Bye India… Hello new adventures!



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