September 12, 2016


 According to the plan, this was “Indulgence Day”.

It kicked off during Mel’s lunch break,  with a healthy snack… But we had a piece of cake first… (Starting with dessert should be a thing!)

Knowing that we were going for diner and drinks later, we came up with the brilliant idea to have a workout!

Now… Mel is training for a half marathon… The last time I went for a run, she was present… In Thailand! So… This was going to be challenging… Especially because she also wanted to do the exercise circuit! (I think she is trying to kill me… Please, send help…)

In order to get my mind off how much this is going to hurt in the morning, we took the train to the Bay, for some Latin-American heavenliness. The “Order a cocktail, get one free” deal was definitely going to do the trick!

What followed was a nice buzz and multiple food orgasmes… Plus: a surprise visit from Mel’s boyfriend, Karl. Surprising, because we tried to convince him earlier, to come out with us and he was not feeling it. 🙂 He described himself as the opposite of a social butterfly: an introverted moth. But apparently, Mel’s light is too hard to resist… (Everyone together now: awwwww…)

He gave us a ride back to the city, where we enjoyed some bizarre stand-up comedy and some beers, before ending the night with a little dance at a gay bar!

So much fun!


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