September 14, 2016


Yesterday was a lazy, “hiding in our cave for the rain” day (yes, I know it was freaking hot and sunny pretty much everywhere else, but Cardiff has its own climate…). Mel’s home made spaghetti bolognese was the absolute highlight!

But today was different! Cardiff decided to join the rest of Europe and proved it knows what summer is… 🙂

Mel took me to a cute village where she had her first date with Karl… And it was their 2 month anniversary… So yeah… We kinda had to meet up with him for a coffee, but the rest of the time, she was mine! Muhahahaha… Sorry, dude… (But not really..) 😉

Our day was pretty damn cultural! (God, I feel so smart…)

  • Visiting the Roman sites, learning all about Maximus and his family in the museum, but mostly about Dave, the slave…
  • Exploring the popular dance style: “cruising in a car” pop.
  • Trying out the typical cuisine at the sea: fish and chips.
  • Observing the natural beauty that is the Welsh coast line. Very closely even, sitting on a cliff, with out feet dangling over the edge.
  • And the highlight of our cultural day: a possible sneak peek in the future, the cultural movie Bad Moms. Epic…



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