September 23, 2016


My first day in New York became a “Manhattan sightseeing” kinda day with Erol.

First stop: The Guggenheim Museum, also known as: me pretending to be cultural… Turned out to be: me thinking “I could do that…” while observing some modern art work. (One artist sculpted a city, using couscous… I mean… That’s just playing with your food..)

Next on our To Do – list: Central Park. It was a beautiful day… So we sat down for a bit and watched runners suffer in this heat, while drinking the world’s most expensive lemonade… And it was crap! Luckily, we brought something to knowingly spike our drink. I must have looked like an extreme alcoholic, when I took the vodka bag out of my purse.. (Yup, vodka BAG… So classy…)

Last stop: Indian food. Erol took me to his favorite Indian restaurant in New Orleans and now here in New York. I think I can say: a new tradition is born! I should have listened to him though, when he suggested to share a plate… But after the thirty block walk to get there, I was ready to indulge…

Result of the day: thinking about changing my career to modern art, an empty vodka bag, heavy,tired legs and a food baby.

Nice. 🙂


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