September 24, 2016


This day had everything I like about visiting a city: a combination of being a tourist and enjoying everyday life with locals…

Erol invited me to tag along when he went to see his nephew, also called Erol. (Popular name apparently, well I’ll be damned…).

To get there, we needed to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, which was, according to the foot traffic, a very popular, touristic thing to do. I think everyone is familiar with “love locks”, the locks that couples attach to a bridge and then throw away the key as “a symbol of their infinite love”..? (Barf…) Well, turns out earphones are the new romantic gesture. What do they throw away after that little ceremony?  Their iPod?! Guess not… Love commitment just got cheap…

The evening that followed was a “Brooklyn Barbecue with Drinks, Twinkly lights and Turkish Music”, also known as Heaven. Not a major fan of the Turkish music, but it is kinda amusing when two intoxicated guys display their best (belly) dancing skills…

Even though it was a “spur of the moment” get-together, nephew Erol really pulled it off! The food was excellent… Food baby, no, twins after that meal! Erol’s sister, Nile joined us as well, with her hilarious friend Taylor, just making the night more complete. Or in Erol’s words: best night ever! 🙂



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