September 30, 2016


My BAE Bay! (See what I did there..? So clever… Definitely never done before… 🙂 )

Oh my God… There are no words for this evening… I am completely smitten… ❤

It was a grey and rainy day, but inside the Radio City Music Hall… Giiiiirrrrllll, I’m talking sunshine, rainbows, sparks, fireworks, magic and unicorns!

Ok, Emmery, calm down, you are getting ahead of yourself… Start at the top!

I got there early (yeah, that sometimes happens!) and by the time I got inside, I was completely wet… No, no dirty pun intended, I’m not that crazy about him! (But then again… 😉 ) After walking several blocks, waiting in the rain and batting my eyes at the security guy, who was giving me a hard time about my GoPro, I was literally the first person in the theater.

While everybody else was buying drinks and food, I was just sitting there, staring at the stage, hoping for some movement.

That first movement came in the form of Joseph, a band made up of three sisters. Even though I couldn’t wait to see James Bay, there was zero disappointment. These girls are GOOD! I just love pure talent… So beautiful…

After their performance, I traded seats with someone, so she could sit with her friend. I didn’t mind at all: now I was sitting right in front of my bae! (That is: way, way, way in the back, but still…) It was like he was singing to me alone… Wait… Yes, I just convinced myself: he WAS singing to me alone! 🙂

Not only is he amazing live, he knows how to perform. Entertain an audience. As if his talent alone is not overwhelming enough… (Told you: really smitten…) 🙂

On my way back home, I couldn’t stop humming and I didn’t feel the cold at all… (Yes, because I have the hots for him, you got that one, right?)

Best night…



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