October 14, 2016


Second Day Trip, which was almost a 24 hour one (waking up at 3:30am and arriving home at 12am…), to Grand Canyon!

Yes, I’ve been here before as well, but come on… It’s the Grand Canyon! And it is the perfect location to fulfill my addiction to go off trail, find a rock near the edge, sit down and stare in the distance… Artsy 😉


No mom, calm down, I’m not really hanging off a cliff here…


Instead of the Bright Angels Trail I did last time, I chose the South Kaibab Trail this time… Which is pretty much the same thing: strolling down with a spring in your step until you see the Colorado river and then crawling the same way back up to the rim, while moaning about cramps and the hotness of the sun…

Thank you so much, Tavo and Praveen, for this great day! And for waiting with me, to see the sunset here once more… Pretty epic…

Funny moment:

When we got to our desired view point, we sat down, enjoyed lunch and mentally prepared ourselves for the climb up. I found a nice rock, from where I could see the river and the guys joined me. After 20 minutes, I wanted to go down just a bit more, to see what view was hiding behind the corner when Tavo said: “Let me know if you can see the river!” Dude… The river was right there, the whole time! 🙂 Just imagine how painful it would have been, being back at the top and saying: “Too bad we didn’t see the river…”



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