October 19, 2016


Third and last day trip here in the Las Vegas area: Death Valley!

Again, I know, been there, done that… But not quite! Yes, I was here in February with Indre, but we had a typical chaotic last minute trip, with some female errors, like driving 35 miles in the wrong direction and missing sunset… (Also because the road was closed… Damn flash floods…)

So I had to give it a second try, fully prepared this time. Well… Basically just knowing that the sun was setting at 6pm…

This time, I was accompanied by Mathilde and Praveen… Oh yes, he sacrificed himself and his car yet again! 🙂 And I probably drove him crazy with my nagging about making it to Dante’s View before sunset!

But guess what… I missed it again! Aaaagh!  *pulling out hair*

The sun was already disappearing behind the mountains on our way to the view point… But, after nearly strangling Praveen in the car, I was no longer disappointed when we finally arrived… Just beautiful emptiness with changing colors in the sky…



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