October 9, 2016


First Day Trip, with some couchsurfers, to Zion National Park! (I say “day”, but it was kinda a night too, having to wake up at 4am… Ouch…)

Yes, I’ve been here before and yes, I already did the Angel’s Landing Hike, but I mean… Look at those pictures! I had to see that view again!

As you can see, Sarah and Tavo joined me on the trip and the climb. Praveen was also part of the group, and our driver, but we lost him somewhere along the way… πŸ™‚ He comes here several times a year and had enough of the suffering on the way to the top! πŸ™‚

Tavo and I stopped along the way to take some pictures at a view point (read: some life-threatening selfies near a cliff). Sarah couldn’t stand to watch us being that stupid, but we caught up with her later. Β She lost some time, clutching on to the last chain railing, right before a narrow path with cliffs at both sides started… πŸ™‚ Poor thing was so afraid of heights, but made it to the top anyway!

*round of applause*

The climb down was even more challenging for her, so I stepped up as “Momma Bear”, holding her hand where needed. And Tavo was right behind her the whole time, creating a “Comfort Sandwich”!

Accept for one slip from Tavo (that could have, domino wise, knocked all three of us down), we got down safely! πŸ™‚

Another hike on the list was The Narrows, a walk deeper and deeper into the canyon and deeper and deeper into the river. I couldn’t go really far last time, because of the flash flood risk… This time… I gave up even sooner… The water was freaking freezing my toes off!

An ice bath after hard physical exercise? Definitely not my thing!


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