January 3, 2017


Travel! Yay!

My loyal readers are already rubbing their hands, snickering and wondering: “Muhahaha, what went wrong this time?”

For those who are new to this blog, let me elaborate… There is this thing I like to call “Imke’s traveling curse”, causing problems and delays or changing “the plan” (which is quite impressive, knowing I barely have one…).

I have definitely embraced it and secretly love it! In chaos I thrive… 🙂 But it’s not always easy for my travel companions…

For this trip, I wasn’t involved in the organisation, planning and booking, so… Everything will go smoothly, no? Well no… Apparently the travel curse rubbed off on Dennis! Our flight tickets were booked wrong, because of some confusion about the term “surname”. Yeah, that’s not your given name…

Long story short: it took over an hour to change our name details from given name – family name to family name – given name.

“massive eye roll”

Just one small, silly bump in the road to Panama! 🙂


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