February 2, 2017


I’ve been looking forward to this day all week: Team Day, with Decathlon! (I already mentioned before that I love my job, right..?)

Just your typical day at work…:

  • Arriving at location (Topsporthal, Ghent), early in the morning, to eat breakfast together. Missing out on the eggs, though… (Who ate 2 or 3, leaving me with none?!)
  • Looking back on 2016 with a quiz that involved a lot of running from question to question.. And we won! Yeah, my team rules… Our prize was 3 bottles of sparkling wine, which already made me question my decision to join the “Tournée Minérale Challenge”, a month without alcohol… Temptation…
  • Dreaming about 2017: what will we do next? Stay tuned… 😉
  • Lunch!
  • A badass heptathlon, competing in teams. I was part of Russia, which basically meant I was running around with Putin’s face pinned on my back all day.. I was only slightly good at the high jump. All the other challenges: not very successful. I was mainly just using, forcing and pulling muscles I normally never use or even knew existed… I could already feel the physical soreness I would be in tomorrow…
  • Only one solution: screw “Tournée Minérale, I’m drinking tonight! And I’m pretty sure dancing will help too!  A colleague performed live with his band: awesome! Well, I think they were awesome… After my third warm cup of white wine everything was pretty amazing… 🙂
  • And then… Things got a bit vague, to be honest… *clearing throat* 😀
  • Ended up napping on the landing mat of pole vault for 2 hours, completely passed out. Waking up at 2 am, to have another drink with the remaining colleagues and closing the place at 4 am…

Oh, what a night…

(And there are two of these every year..?! Oh man, not sure if I can handle that…)


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