February 25, 2017


Well… This day was a little different…

After two days of absolute bliss, chill vibes and just hanging out, I had to leave my girl Mel (very, very) early in the morning to go to work… Where I arrived sooner than expected, so I had some time to continue my “Big Breakfast – Part 2”. 😉

(And yes, I ate the entire jar of yogurt this time!)

After her cross fit session, Mel managed to find her way to Decathlon. I distracted her with some cool sport leggings, while I finished my shift and raced to the station to pick up our rental car.

I had a game, so the poor thing had to endure 4 hours of volleyball watching… From start (warm-up and pregame) to finish (warm-up and our very close win, in 4 sets…)

A little less stressful would have been nice… A little less rubbish too… (Luckily, I had a killer serve now and then, but that was pretty much it… Apparently, I’m incapable of showing off my volleyball skills, when there is someone there for me. 🙂 )

So yeah… Late night drive back to Ghent. Struggle to get home from the station, with only one bike for the two of us. And it was raining. And we were starving… (Some serious hangry danger…)

God bless the super friendly guy from “Hot Falafel”, who was about to close, but saved us with some good food…

Food coma.

Lights out!


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