May 11-13, 2017

May 11-13

Decathlon’s “Testing Electronics” Days!

Also known as:

  • Road trip to Spa with the team and practicing our synchronized car dancing. That is: until we almost crashed into a truck.
  • Collecting Cornet beer glasses.
  • Wearing a ridiculous amount of watches during exercise.
  • Trying to tan a bit, but having to settle for a light pinkish color.
  • Tracking our diner, GPS style.
  • Climbing a wobbly tower and reenacting the Titanic scene. “Like the wind…” (Yes, I’m well aware that’s not the Titanic song, but hey, not my fault the guys don’t know their classics.)
  • Having a hike at night, because, unfortunately, we also sell headlamps.
  • Feeling super fit and hoping to see a satisfying number on the scale, but gaining weight instead. I blame the “collecting Cornet glasses” phase…

May 11-13'


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