May 28, 2017

May 28

I swear… The rain is following me! Even though this is paradise, by the time I’ve put on my bikini, the sun had disappeared.

After accepting  that I would not get a tan (and most likely be the palest Belgium person at the moment), I looked at the next best thing on my wish list: a spa visit.

Massages and beauty treatments are ridiculously cheap here. I had a “60 minutes relaxation full body massage”, a manicure and pedicure for 25 euro. That little fact right there made a spa visit a daily activity!

Now… I feel the need to elaborate about the massage, because people… You need to know what you’re getting yourself into.

You will absolutely LOVE it if, and only if, you enjoy:

  • soft torture.
  • the sound of snapping joints, and I mean fingers, toes, shoulders, knees, but also your back and neck.
  • the feeling of overly stretched muscles, that aren’t used to being stretched at all.
  • getting a beating.
  • zero personal space. The masseuse actually sat on top of me from time to time and apparently, a boob massage was part of the experience. (Could this be the female equivalent of  a male “happy ending” ?)

No, but seriously, it was really amazing, just a bit rough. 🙂 The masseuse was absolutely dedicated to rub every muscle into mush. She only struggled once: the back of my right shoulder. Poor thing tried to fix 20 years of volleyball damage. Don’t feel bad, honey, it’s a lost cause. Everything is out of place there. 🙂


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