June 2, 2017

Jun 2

Last day in Bali, so why not start it at 2am already? Brilliant idea… 🙂

Last night, Emma, a French girl I met at the hostel (along with some other travelers, mostly from Belgium) convinced me to join her on a Mount Batur Sunrise Tour. Which basically meant I had very little sleep to be up in time for our ride to the volcano.

Fun fact: worst driver ever! The combination of sitting in the back of a mini bus, being in a complete relaxed state, dozing off and a driver that doesn’t slow down for a speed bump, is a complete disaster! Emma and I got catapulted out of our seats and smashed our heads against the ceiling. Autch, dude, really?!

But… The sunrise on top of the volcano would be worth it.

That’s what we kept telling ourselves. Especially when it became obvious that this tour was a very popular one. We were basically waiting in line, climbing this thing. One big traffic jam of people to the top.

It was only when we actually arrived there, that we lost all hope. We were literally in the clouds, giving a new (and way less exciting) meaning to 50 shades of grey…

That’s why it almost felt like a magical moment when suddenly the sky opened up and we caught a glimpse of the rising sun.

It won’t go down as the most beautiful one, but definitely as the most surprising one. 🙂

Jun 2'

Instead of taking a much needed nap, we hung out at the Ubud market, bargaining left and right, but mostly enjoying the colorful surroundings. The number of penis shaped objects are remarkable. Apparently with no special meaning whatsoever. They just think it’s funny. 🙂

Jun 2''

After hiking all night and wandering around town all day, what better way to end this short adventure than with a foot rub…


I will be back, Bali!



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