June 5, 2017

Jun 5

We checked off two more things of our “What’s left to do in Singapore?” list.

First: a visit to Saint John Islands. Just a one hour bumpy boat ride from the city and totally worth the light nauseating feeling.

Bie and I had the entire beach to ourselves, but spent most of our time in the shallow water. Not because it was super refreshing, but still better than smoldering under the burning sun…

The bumpy ride back was even more “fun”. It made a 45 minute stop at another island (something we figured out after waiting 15 minutes on the boat) with, what must be, the world’s ugliest temple, a sea turtle refuge (read: a small pond packed with small turtles)  and some very aggressive monkeys. I even had to use one of my old teacher moves: pointy finger in the air and a “don’t you dare” stare. 😉

Next: Crab eating! I mean: HUGE crab eating! I mean: 75 dollar HUGE crab eating! I honestly resented my tummy for not being able to finish this delicious monster of a beast. Shouldn’t have stuffed my face with those dumplings…


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